Bed Bug Detection

Bed Bug Detection with Canines Is a Possibility

One of the biggest concerns for many in the hospitality industry is a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are problematic because they not only can be an illness concern for guests in hotels, residential apartments, and in various other industries, but they also are reputation damaging. Our team at BCK9SERVICES.COM offers a highly effective bed bug detection service. We use canines who are trained to detect and report back any type of presence of bed bugs with exceptional accuracy and reliability. What does that mean for your business?


Why Use Canines for Residential Bed Bug Detection?


The goal with any bed bug infestation is to act as quickly as possible before there is widespread infestation occurring. Our team can provide you with residential bed bug detection that is done on a routine basis or when you have very mild reason to believe you may have an infestation. When you have a canine come to your property to detect for you, you can rest assured they will be found if they are present.


What does this do for you? In short, it lets you find them before the problem gets worse. If you do find them on the property, you can call a remediation company to come to you and handle the problem. The sooner you can call them, the less likely you are to have a large and costly problem on your hands.


How to Get Started


If you are ready to have a higher level of protection in place from bed bugs, schedule bed bug detection from BCK9SERVICES.COM. Our pros will come to you, provide comprehensive inspections as often as you need them, and allow you to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to treating them. That saves you money and time.

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