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How does K-9 natural gas leak detection work?
May 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How does K-9 natural gas leak detection work?

Dogs have great noses. In fact, it’s estimated that their noses are 10,000 to 100,000 more sensitive to smell than humans. This is why they’re excellent to help us find things that we wouldn’t normally be able to. Humans have used dogs for everything in tracking down people of interest, sniffing out drugs or explosives, even identifying gas leaks. That’s right, dogs can work in K-9 natural gas leak detection. At Black Creek K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection, we can help you identify exactly where you have a gas leak with the help of our highly trained pups. Keep reading to learn more about how this process works.

Locate the pipeline head

In order to properly identify a gas leak, we need to understand the source of the problem. The pipeline head is where we’ll begin our process in order to properly track the entire length of the pipeline.

Insert a specialized odorant

Once we’ve located the pipeline head, we will insert a chemical that is a specialized odorant that will flow through the pipeline. Wherever there are leaks, this chemical compound will seep through and work its way to the ground level if it’s already been buried. Our dogs are trained to respond to it as flows through the gas pipeline then will be able to pinpoint the location of a leak.

Follow the dogs

As these chemicals leak out of the pipeline system, our dogs will be able to smell them and correctly identify a leak in your gas line. The amount of time that it takes the dogs to find a leak is based on various conditions that are unique to the job site. While every job is unique, our dogs are able to precisely identify where your leak is coming from.

Emergency or preventative

Our pipeline leak detection service is available for both emergency or preventative inspections. The service that our dogs provide is both the most cost-effective as well as the most reliable way to identify natural gas pipeline leaks. Preventative inspections can save you and your customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential losses before completing and burying a pipeline.

How effective is it?

If you’re still unsure about hiring BCK9 Services & Pipeline Detection, consider the differences between having our dogs inspect our pipeline versus the alternative. There are more than 30 official methods to inspect your natural gas pipeline that have been proven effective. From conventional instruments to gas chromatography, there is a certain level of error that’s associated with each. Furthermore, your traditional instruments only provide measurements as parts per million, while our detection dogs can identify gas particles as small as parts per trillion.

Contact BCK-9 Services

If you’re worried about a leak in your natural gas pipeline, contact Black Creek K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection. Our team will perform a K-9 natural gas leak detection to make sure we identify where you’re having problems so you can get it fixed right away. Additionally, we have trained our dogs in narcotic, explosive, and firearm detection as well as bed bug detection. Our services also include dog training, boarding, and consulting. Give us a call at 817-771-0008. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. We’ll be sure to promptly return your message.

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