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Think You Have Bed Bugs? Find Out with K9 Bed Bug Detection
June 7, 2021 at 9:30 PM
K-9 bed bug detection services.

Did you know dogs can detect even a single bed bug in a room? When you suspect you may have bed bugs–at home or a commercial or hospitality property, you want to know precisely where each bug can be found. K9 bed bug detection services provide absolute certainty about the presence of bed bugs so you can get peace of mind. If you think you have bed bugs, don’t panic; just take these steps to get answers and resolve the infestation.

Keep a cool head––everything’s going to be okay.

Dealing with bed bugs isn’t the same crisis it was 20 years ago when they spread with unprecedented intensity. Back then, people with bed bugs wouldn’t hesitate to throw away even brand-new furniture or mattresses.

While the thought of cohabitating with blood-feeders is enough to make anyone feel disgusted (at the very least), you don’t need to get rid of your mattress and furniture. Doing so may spread the problem to multiple rooms and your neighbors. Instead, just take a deep breath and know you’re going to emerge from the situation bug-free.

Accurately identify the problem.

You may wake up with a few red bites on your body and feel confident that you have bed bugs. However, many look-alike bugs and symptoms can throw you into a panic for no reason.

Bed bugs are most active at night and will stay close to their food source (that would be you, unfortunately). They’re also identifiable by the marks they leave behind on bedding; brown and black dots from digested blood.

Use a flashlight and check the nooks and crannies of the room where you suspect the infestation: both the eggs and the bugs are visible to the human eye. But for absolute certainty, hire a K9 bed bug detection service. They’ll bring a dog who’s trained to detect the scent of even a single bed bug in a room.

Schedule a professional exterminator.

Today’s bed bugs have adapted to most DIY pesticides and treatment solutions. The most affordable and effective solution is to schedule a professional exterminator who will evaluate the severity of the infestation and prescribe a treatment for your property to eliminate the bed bugs.

A thorough cleaning of your property will make you feel better. For example, you can vacuum bed bugs and their eggs up; be careful when emptying the vacuum. They also can’t survive heat over 115 degrees, so treating bedding and curtains in the dryer for at least 30 minutes on high is an effective way of eliminating the visible pests.

Recheck your property.

Following treatment by a professional exterminator, you may still feel unsettled in your bed or in the property where the infestation occurred. You can have a K9 bed bug detection service recheck the property to ensure the bugs are dead and gone for true peace of mind.

Knowing trained dogs’ accuracy when detecting even a single bed bug will give you complete assurance that your home is once again clean and safe.

Contact Black Creek K-9 Services for experienced K-9 bed bug detection in DFW, Texas.

BCK-9 Services provides Texas with precision dog detection services for oil and natural gas leaks, pipeline leaks above and below ground, explosives, narcotics, and bed bugs. In addition, we’re the premier North Texas training resource for both working dogs and family pets. Our expertise comes from years of experience as a Military Working Dog Handler and multiple positions in canine operations in the military.

To book our k-9 bed bug detection services, contact us for a free consultation and to get the peace of mind of knowing there’s not a single bed bug on your property.

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