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Basic Obedience Training vs. Board and Train
Dog training boarding in the park

With the right training services, a dog can become an asset to a variety of industries and profoundly serve the public. The key however, is to enrol your canine in a training program that will teach them how to behave and perform necessary tasks.

Dog owners often contemplate whether they should opt for basic obedience training or a board and train program. While each service is valuable in its own right, there are a number of differences between these two styles of training, which result in differing outcomes. Whether you are a police officer looking for an apt K-9 unit training program or you have recently adopted a dog that is showing signs of poor behavior, it is important to understand the differences between the two training programs so that you can achieve the desired result.

At BCK-9 Services & Pipeline Leak Detection, we strive to train your dog according to your specific requirements. Continue reading to learn the key differences between dog training boarding and basic obedience programs.

Skill-based training

If you are looking to train your dog for a specific household task or professional service, dog training boarding may be the better option. Leaving your dog with experienced trainers for an intensive, multi-day program will give them the time and focus they need to learn specialized skills such as pipeline leak detection. These types of skills require targeted behavioral training in a strict environment. At BCK-9 Services & Pipeline Leak Detection, our board and train program employs a variety of proven techniques, teaching dogs to use their senses, associate certain smells with danger, and communicate their findings to their owner.


Responsiveness is the foundation of many valuable canine skills. Teaching your dog how to react when their name is called or when given specific instructions is an excellent way to set the animal up for success as a public servant or household pet. If you're struggling to control your dog’s behavior, it will be difficult for the animal to develop any further skills. In basic obedience training, your dog will learn to quickly identify good and bad behavior, and respond when given instructions.

Changing poor behavior

Once your dog has become accustomed to certain behaviors, it will be difficult for them to unlearn them. Animals learn to identify good and bad behavior based on negative or positive reinforcement from their owners. If the animal receives food or physical affection for example, they will be more likely to repeat the behavior that produced this response. Conversely, if the animal is punished following a certain behavior, they will develop a negative association and avoid repeating it. However, if you have adopted a dog that has already developed negative behavioral patterns, this will likely require a train and board program to correct.

Puppy training

One of the easiest ways to choose between dog training boarding and a general obedience program is by simply considering the dog’s age. No matter what responsibilities the animal may have as a public servant, all dogs can greatly benefit from obedience training in their early months. Building a foundation of obedience will give the animal the tools they need to build on their skills with dog training boarding. Train and board programs teach more complex concepts and specialized skills, however these services tend to be far more effective when the dog understands how to respond to their owner.

Are you looking for the best training program to teach your dog valuable new skills? BCK-9 Services & Pipeline Leak Detection offers a variety of specialized training programs that address all areas of canine skill development and obedience. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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