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Ways your company can benefit from K-9 services
December 31, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Ways your company can benefit from K-9 services

Dogs have proven to be versatile companions over the many centuries they’ve been domesticated. In the last century, we’ve continued to find ways that people can benefit from their astute sense of smell and ability to be trained. At BCK-9 Services, we’re happy to provide K-9 services to companies that need a variety of services. From detection to obedience training, we provide K-9 services that you need.

While many companies aren’t going to have a regular need for detection services, they can still hire K-9 services as needed. Read more about how you can benefit from K-9 services.

Gas leak detection

Gas leaks within your business can be incredibly harmful to your employees. It’s not uncommon for office buildings to use natural gas with the HVAC system. Restaurants especially use gas for their stoves. A leak is dangerous as your employees could be at risk of poisoning and, if the leak is bad enough, as much as a spark could cause a fire. K-9 detection services can help identify the source of your leak so that you can get a proper repair.

In addition to leaks within buildings, we’re proud to pioneer the industry of pipeline leak detection. If you’re concerned about a leak within your gas pipeline, we can walk your line with a detection dog to identify the location of the leak.

Bed bug detection

Bed bugs seem to spread easily. All it takes is one person coming to work and sitting at their desk with bed bugs to cause an infestation within the office, which can spread to others and their homes. If you’re worried that you have a bed bug problem in your office, call in BCK-K-9 services, and we’ll sweep the office to identify the source of the problem. Bed bug detection dogs are skilled in identifying which areas of your office have bed bugs, so you can effectively treat them without fumigating the entire space.

Facility entry checks

If you run a facility that requires security checks to get onto the property or in the front doors, you understand the need to have a strong presence at your points of entry. It doesn’t matter if you check all visitors at the gate or the door; you can benefit from K-9 service briefly checking anyone who comes on your property. Not only will a detection dog ensure that your facility is safe, but you’ll also have peace of mind that nobody is bringing any contraband onto the property.

Building sweeps

As a private company, you’re allowed to set whatever rules you feel are necessary to keep your employees safe while at work. If you ever have a concern about the safety of your staff, don’t be afraid to call in K-9 services to do a building sweep. Detection dogs can search for anything from explosives to firearms to narcotics discreetly that won’t alarm anyone who might be a problem.

Package search

It’s not often that companies receive a suspicious package in the mail, but it does happen on occasion. Calling law enforcement to examine the package in question can cause panic within your office and start unsubstantiated rumors. K-9 detection is an easier way to ensure that nobody is alarmed at the thought of a questionable package.

Contact us for K-9 services

You can keep your employees and facility safe with help from K-9 services. Our team of detection dogs is trained to identify anything you need, from bed bugs to explosives to gas leaks and more. At BCK-9 Services, we have more than 20 years of experience with detection dogs in various environments. If you feel that you need K-9 detection services, please give us a call at 817-771-0008 or 253-444-8089 to get started. You can also send a message with any inquiries through our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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